Everylite OPTICMAX 8D

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The OM-8D series is a top-of-the-line choice for sign cabinets and also for large channel letters. This is made with a special molding process for long-lasting quality. These are very bright, resistant to harsh weather and UV rays, and available in 12v and 24v options.


Features & Benefits:

  • This series features an ultra long injection molding process
  • Extraordinarily bright optics
  • Incredible 175° optical lens provides maximum, even light output across the sign face
  • IP66 and UV resistant with fully integrated molding and lens
  • 12v and 24v series
  • Best used for Single and double-sided cabinet
  • Efficient solution for higher than 10’ tall channel letters



  • Channel Letters – Light up any shallow or deep channel letters using the OpticMax 4D

  • Box Signs – The OpticMax 4D is a powerful and reliable solution for Box Signs. With this product, you will only need fewer power supplies per sign, and fewer modules to fully and evenly brighten up a sign.You can go 5” by 5” run gap in a 2” cabinet.

  • Pylons – The OpticMax 4D is a superior and reliable solution for Pylon applications, most especially when combined with the Flash System.