RTape Conform® 4075RLA High Tack

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RTape Conform® with RLA®

RTape Conform® is the original application tape with RLA® Release Liner Adhesion. With RLA, RTape Conform sticks to slick release liners so tapes do not "dog ear" and stick together.

  • RLA® Release Liner Adhesion
  • Factory cut, razor slit rolls
  • Always lays flat with no edge curling, wrinkling or tunneling
  • No adhesive balls or gapping between layers or crushed edges
  • Adhesive will not build up on stored graphics
  • Graphics stay neater and cleaner even when rolled
  • Works in either wet or dry applications

Conform 4075RLA High Tack

  • Standard weight paper application tape
    High tack rubber adhesive



  • General purpose sign applications
  • Decals
  • Banners
  • Wall graphics